terça-feira, março 05, 2013

Dinosaur Love by Harry Baker

Na passada quarta-feira fiz Poetry Slam pela 1ª vez.
Fui a medo mas aprendi que se deve ir a pés juntos.
Para a próxima já sei.

Na sala do velhinho Sport Club do Intendente esteve Harry Baker (Actual campeão inglês e mundial de Poetry Slam) que nos encantou com este poema.

Dinosaur Love by Harry Baker
I want to say I love you,
But it seems it’s not enough,
Because when people say I love you,
It can mean a lot of stuff,
Like, “I’ll always have your back”
Or “I’m glad I’m not alone”
Or “to be honest I’ll say anything,
So you’ll hang up the phone,
‘Cause I’m kind of in the middle of something right now,
And these Doctor Who boxsets aren’t going to watch themselves”
I want to say I love you,
But it seems it’s not enough,
Because when people say I love you,
It can mean a lot of stuff,
And all I’m really trying to say is,

I wanna love you like a t-rex,
With a tiny brain, but a massive heart,
And if I was a t-rex, I could hold you in my t-rex arms,
And protect you from harm,
Because that’s dinosaur love.

It’s the way that you send spines down my spine like a stegosaurus,
Or how just like dinosaurs, no-one cares what came before us,
Because we’ve got a love so big it cannot be ignored,
Like if you’re with a dinosaur everything else seems secondary,
Dinosaurs are not mythical creatures they are legendary,
Plus, they’re just really cool.

The thing with dinosaurs is dinosaurs are kinda awesome,
More than that they actually existed,
Yes my love is real,
I ain’t talkin’ blindly walkin’ strings attached like Theseus that’s Minotaur love,
But this is dinosaur love.

This is no damsel in distress,
Trapped princess,
Dragon slaying quest,
‘Cause 1, dragons never happened,
And 2, most women don’t need rescuing (feminist dinosaurs) 
This is less prancing unicorns,
More two tonne triceratops,  
Or terrifying pterodactyls tearing terror from above,
It’s dinosaur love.

Molton rocket,
Trust me I’ve got a love so old school it’s pre-historic.

So if you’re into Speilberg or hip hop with a classic vibe,
Then we could watch Jurassic Park,
Or listen to Jurassic Five, 
And if you like a bone,
I know some place where we could see ‘em,
I’m a lifetime member of The Natural History Museum.

I want to say I love you,
But it seems thats not enough,
Because actually like dinosaurs,
That could be quite scary,

Imagine hiding in the kitchen,
From a velociraptor pack, 
And if I stuck my neck out like a diplodocus,
What would you do back? 

Because I’ve got love for you like Dinosaurs,
But the thing with those kinds of thoughts,
Is they’re probably slightly more amazing in my head.
Because if dinosaurs did come back to life,
One of them might maim a politicians wife,
And then the government of said politicians country plus alies,
Worldwide for the protection of mankind,
Would bring policies to annihilate dinosaurs on sight, 
And mass extinction isn’t that romantic.
I want to say I love you,
But that might be awkward so,
Instead, I’m happy to let that stay in my head,
Where it can not go wrong.

If as time goes on my dino love dies out,
As you’d expect,
When it’s extinct I’d rather we remained friends,
Than became ex’s.

But if somehow,
Against the odds,
My dino love proves so colossal,
That it stands the test of time,
Perfectly preserved like a fossil,
Then one day,
When you’ve been left in ruins,
And need someone to help excavate through them,
Then it won’t take an archeological expert, 
To point you towards me,
And at that point,
I’ll point out that you’re like a brachiosaurus,  
Cause theres no-one above you,
And I’ll be able to look you in the eyes and say,

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